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Remote Help

If your issue is one regarding viruses, malware or other software-related problems, we can maximize your convenience by working to solve the issue remotely over the internet.

Once a Remote Help service is arranged, please follow the below intructions:

  • Download and Install the Techinline software plug-in by clicking here.
  • Relay the Client ID displayed on the following page to our technician when you are ready to begin your service session.
  • Watch us fix your PC troubles from the comfort of your own home!

What are others saying?

"I am highly pleased with Chuck's Computer Service. Not only can he help me work through my problems over the phone, he is extremely knowledgeable and fast. I would HIGHLY recommend him."
-Belinda A., Small Business Owner

"My wife and I are very pleased with Chuck's Computer Service, especially because we are always dealing with one person, Chuck, who is very highly competent, and also very honest and reasonably priced. We have had unsatisfactory computer service from one of the large chain store's in-house mobile techs, and nothing but prompt, efficient, and inexpensive service from Chuck. He is excellent."
-Chris & Sharon G.

"I am extremely pleased with the expert service I received from Chuck's Computer Service. After being charged hundreds of dollars by another company with whom I had an extended warranty, and who told me my problem was viruses and not covered, I continued having problems. Chuck was able to determine the cause and fix my computer. I haven't had any problems since then. I will not trust my laptop to anyone else!"
-G. Neefe, Realtor